For appointments: 888-403-1071   Other calls: 844-853-8937   Royal Oaks: 800-456-2634
For appointments: 888-403-1071 Other calls: 844-853-8937
Royal Oaks: 800-456-2634


Crider Health Center in Warrenton, Missouri is located at 19515 Brune Parkway. At the Warrenton clinic, you have access to primary doctors for adult health care and pediatricians for children and adolescents. Our dentists provide oral health care for children and adults, specializing in working with children. Crider Health Center also offers mental health care, including psychiatrists and counselors for all ages. The Warrenton location also has a full-service pharmacy. Call 636-456-1500 for more information about Crider Health Center in Warrenton.

Looking for a service that is not listed?

Crider’s four health centers offer a variety of services. Please give us a call at (636) 456-0154 to find out if one of our other convenient locations has the service you’re looking for.

19515 Brune Parkway Warrenton, MO 63383
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