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For appointments: 888-403-1071 Other calls: 844-853-8937
Royal Oaks: 800-456-2634

Psychological Assessment/Testing

Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, mood disorders or related mental health problems, our licensed psychologists and counselors are here to help with life’s toughest challenges. We will guide you through your situation with professional and compassionate mental health care.

Some situations need clarification in the form of a psychological assessment which is the examination of a patient by a psychologist through interviews, observation of behavior, and/or psychological testing with the goal of possibly determining personality adjustment, learning disability, identifying problems, and helping to diagnose and plan treatment for a mental disorder. We can also help with:

Learning Disability Evaluations assist in identifying whether or not a child (or adult in college or vocational rehabilitation) has a learning disability, and if so, in what area.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessments are used to identify the presence or absence of a diagnosis that falls on the Autistic Spectrum, including Autism, Asperger’s and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. Assessments of this nature will include treatment recommendations and/or referral sources.

Bio- and Neuro-feedback uses equipment to measure biologic and neurological trackers to assist in treatment. It can help doctors and counselors have access to measurable data to provide effective treatment.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing or EMDR is particularly effective intervention for those who have experienced trauma, people with distressing memories, anxiety, etc.

Diagnostic Clarification Evaluations help assist in clarifying the diagnosis of an individual and make recommendations for treatment, for example, ADHD evaluations. These can also be used to assist in the development of IEPs, behavior modification programs and more tailored treatment options.

Parental Capacity Assessments are NOT custody assessments. These only speak to a client’s ability to parent their child, including where they struggle and what improvements they can make, as well as what they are doing well.

Virtual Reality Treatment, similiar to the bio- and neuro-feedback, provides another tool that yields measurements.

Miscellaneous Evaluations include other types of evaluations as deemed necessary and appropriate. These will need to be approved by the provider of the testing service. This could include complete risk assessments for individuals who are thought to be a danger to themselves or others.

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