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Do Adults Get Free Dental Care?

A staggering 77 million adults don’t have dental insurance, which puts their oral health at risk.

We all know how expensive regular dental treatment is and without the resources, finding free dental treatment feels impossible.

If you’re losing sleep over your oral health, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything to know about getting free dental care.

Check Your Medicaid Insurance

Medicaid covers dental care, which is a lifesaver if you can’t foot a costly dentist bill. To apply, you must state your age, income, and health because that determines if you’ll get dental insurance.

In most cases, seniors (65+), adults (between 19 and 55) without disabilities, and parents or caretakers with children below 19 qualify. There are other categories, so check whether you can apply for Medicaid insurance here.

Find an NGO

It’s important to know that many non-profits offer free dental help.

If you need free oral care for adults, check out Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM), which is a large-scale clinic that offers free dental work. Note that the clinics are held once a year across the state, so keep an eye open.

Veterans can visit the dentist for free when they attend the Aspen Dental Day of Service. This is held on June 11th in St. Louis, MO, and because space is limited, you should book an appointment ASAP. Another nonprofit is Compass Health Network which provides dental care for adults and children. The services include exams, emergency care, and dental cleanings.

Many dentists in Missouri have decided to flex their dental skills for the Dental Lifeline Network The Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. You’re eligible if you have a disability, are over 65, or are medically compromised. Although appointments are quickly booked up, military veterans who meet the guidelines can still apply.

To find social services in your area, including free dental care, check out your local chapter on the United Way. The nonprofit will tell you about local programs and where to find them.

Community Health Centers

Community Health Centers across the state often offer free dental services. These are safe as they’re federally funded and are useful for rural communities. Head to their website and see whether there’s a center near you. Compass Health Network is a Community Health Center.

Ask Your Local Dental Association

If you can’t find suitable dentists for adults, contact your state’s dental association. This is a surefire way to find a credible clinic that offers premium care. Once you’re on the site, use the clickable map to see which free clinics are available and when.

Find Free Dental Care for Adults Today

Now you know where to look, follow these tips to get free dental care.

It’s never been easier to get free dental care, thanks to the wealth of nonprofits like the Compass Health Network and DDS program. Patients can also find events at their local community health center or the dental association for advice. Good luck! If you’re in Missouri and aren’t sure where to find free dental services for adults, contact us here for more information.