For appointments: 888-403-1071   Other calls: 844-853-8937   Royal Oaks: 800-456-2634
For appointments: 888-403-1071 Other calls: 844-853-8937
Royal Oaks: 800-456-2634

Support Coordination

Compass Health’s Support Coordination program recognizes the importance of the community where individuals and families belong and can realize their full potential.  We provide Target Case Management services through partnership with the Department of Mental Health  (DMH) Division of Developmental Disabilities for individuals of all ages in Bates, Henry and Laclede Counties.

Individuals are screened for eligibility through DMH and referred to the Support Coordination entity for the county in which they live.  We work side by side with the individual and their identified network to identify and implement individualized services and supports that will increase independence, integration and inclusion in their community of choice.

The individual and/ or family is the lead member of their team in planning for future goals they would like to accomplish.  This could be fitting in a peer group at school, finishing school and going to college, or obtaining competitive employment in a field of their choice or choosing a roommate that shares common interests.

We assist individuals and families in planning through the lifespan and helping set in place plans so those goals and dreams become reality.

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