Early Intervention for Adults

What is a substance use disorder? Individuals with alcohol and/or other substance use disorders are more likely to continue to use excessively and experience varying negative consequences because of their excessive use. Substance use disorders often create problems in relationships, finances, ability to maintain employment, and increases the risk for legal interventions. Our professional assessment team is ready to meet with you to discuss your education or treatment options including:

Brief Intervention – Level 1

  • Four-week individual program
  • Brief screening
  • 4 Individual Counseling Sessions

Alcohol and Drug Awareness - Level 2

  • Five-week group program
  • Brief screening
  • 10 hours of group education

Choices Program - Level 3

  • Eight-week combination – group and individual program
  • Brief screening
  • 2 individual counseling sessions
  • 16 hours of group education
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