Compass Health Network



The 2023 Compass Health Network Needs Assessment represents the culmination of a systematic 4-month process of reviewing the health issues and other needs present in the populations we serve, leading to agreed strategic priorities that will improve health and reduce inequities. Among the key reasons for conducting this needs assessment are:

  1. Evidence-based reconnaissance, built on the assumption that some specific common needs exist among groups of patients/customers that can, and should, be proactively addressed through Compass Health Network’s primary care, oral health care, and behavioral health services;
  2. Future-focused strategies, anticipating change, because we recognize that neither the customer who comes through Compass’s doors today, nor the needs demanding the most attention at present, necessarily represent the long-term health needs or emerging health improvement opportunities in the communities we serve; and
  3. Meeting accreditation standards, such as those put forth by CARF, which demand that we have a systematic ongoing process for surveying needs, listening to the voices of stakeholders, and weaving that information into our strategic planning process.

The overarching questions we have endeavored to answer in this process are:

  • What are the current and emerging behavioral health, primary care, and oral health care needs of our communities?
  • Are there condition-specific needs that we should address as indicated by the data?
  • What kinds of initiatives should we undertake across Compass Health Network’s service area in the coming three years to address the data-based needs identified?
Click here to read the 2023 Compass Health Network Needs Assessment.