Our Leaders

Meet the Compass Health Network Leadership Team

Executive Team

  • Tim Swinfard – President/CEO
  • Al Greimann – Executive Vice President, President/CEO, Royal Oaks Hospital
  • Gloria Miller – Executive Vice President  Chief Behavioral Health Officer
  • Alan Stevens – Executive Vice President Chief Operations Officer
  • Mayme Sloan – Executive Vice President Compliance & Quality & General Counsel
  • Katrina McDonald-Fuller – Executive Vice President Corporate Services
  • Peter Lyskowski – Executive Vice President Chief Administrative Officer
  • Jake Krafve – Executive Vice President Chief Financial Officer
  • Diane Coletta – Vice President Human Resources
  • Lauren Moyer – Vice President Clinical Innovation


  • Timothy Denny, D.D.S. – Dental Director (East)
  • Casey Zook, D.D.S. – Dental Director (West)

Family Medicine

  • Michael Shoemaker, M.D. – Director of Family Medicine (West)
  • Chad Fowler, M.D. – Director of Family Medicine (East)


  • Syed Arshad Husain, M.D. – Senior Vice President, Chief of Psychiatry Services, and Medical Director – Royal Oaks Hospital
  • James Byrd, D.O. – Associate Director of Psychiatry Services, Eastern Region