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We believe some of the most passionate people in the world work here. We have talented staff who are dedicated to improving our communities by empowering people to become the best versions of themselves.

Here, at Compass Health Network, you will find opportunities for ongoing professional development and a lasting career path. In addition to our competitive benefits, we offer licensure supervision and tuition reimbursement. Certain positions may qualify for student loan forgiveness as a majority of our locations are eligible sites with the National Health Service Corps.

We welcome inquiries from qualified individuals who want to be part of a team of hardworking, dedicated and compassionate employees whose work helps us aspire to our vision of full, healthy, productive lives for everyone. Compass Health Network welcomes individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, pregnancy status, veteran status, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation (real or perceived) or any other characteristic protected by applicable United States federal or state law.

Explore the following opportunities to see how a career with Compass Health Network can bring you professional and personal fulfillment. Join our team as we “Inspire Hope” and “Promote Wellness” in our communities each and every day.



Compass Health values the quality of work life, the environment is open and accepting of individual differences and all employees are encouraged to maximize their potential while exhibiting a commitment to providing quality services to our customers in a culturally proficient and trauma-informed manner.

At Compass, diversity drives opportunity and success.  Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is key to our mission: Inspire Hope. Promote Wellness. It’s how we partner with each other, our customers and in our community.



Compass Health Network is committed to the continuous growth and development of our team members. This begins during the onboarding process where team members learn their top five strengths using Gallup’s Strengths Assessment. Then, leaders and team members collaborate to create professional development and wellbeing goals. This partnership continues throughout the employee’s career through continuous coaching conversations that move the employee toward achieving their professional and career goals while meeting the needs of our customers.

We understand that when employees feel confident and competent, they are more fulfilled and engaged in their work; therefore, the culture of development at Compass Health Network includes opportunities to enhance skills and knowledge through internal training offered by Compass Training Institute, licensure supervision programs, as well as generous tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs.

Careers are dynamic; whether a team member is growing in their current role, taking the leap to a new position in a different program, or setting their sights on their ultimate career goal, we want to help. Compass Health Network will provide support and resources as team members maximize their potential, inspiring hope and promoting wellness along the way.

Teamwork is vital to the success of Compass Health Network.


of team members rated their satisfaction as Above Average or Average.


of team members are aware/understand
Compass Health’s mission and values.


of team members intend to stay with Compass for at least the next 12 months.


Holistic Approach to Wellness

Compass Health Network believes in a holistic approach to employee wellness. Therefore, we offer the Better & Better with Balance employee wellness program, a comprehensive program based on the eight dimensions of wellness, that supports employees with resources and tools to work toward a healthy lifestyle. Participants may complete various challenges and activities throughout the year to be eligible for an annual wellness incentive. Annual onsite health screenings are provided for employees at no charge. Employees who embody the Better & Better culture and healthy habits are nominated by their peers and selected by the Wellness Committee as wellness champions. Wellness champions encourage others to choose a healthy lifestyle and are recognized across the organization. In addition, Compass has partnered with Headspace to offer employees science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools to support their mental health and improve their overall wellbeing. Our wellness program has been recognized by the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Workplace Wellness award programs.


Internships • Practicums • Preceptorships • Clinicals

Compass Health Network is dedicated to pursuing educational enrichment, collaboration and study, and offers numerous opportunities for internships, practicums, preceptorships, and clinical rotations. These opportunities are mentored experiences in which a practicing therapist, counselor, or clinical supervisor volunteers to give personal instruction, training, and supervision to a student. This experience offers the student an opportunity to get to know the particular field of study, understand the realities of the career, discover likes and dislikes, and to experience a workplace setting.

Find Your Path at Compass Health Network