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Celebrate Healthcare Workers During National Health Center Week 2023!

Despite our best efforts, there is no way to adequately express our gratitude to healthcare centers and workers. There are 22 million Americans working in the healthcare industry. That makes up 14% of the United States workforce.

They are all directly responsible for saving lives. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these workers put their own lives at risk to help others.

Without health centers, our medical heroes do not have a place to perform these miracles. Read on to learn all about National Health Center Week in 2023. Explore topics such as the background of National Health Center Week and how scheduling a health checkup honors the workforce.

What Is National Health Center Week?

National Health Center Week takes place every August. It is sponsored by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).

The objective of the week is to celebrate the accomplishments of community health centers. The organizers also seek to raise awareness of the 1,400 community health centers operating in the United States.

Delivering exceptional patient care is a total team effort. While doctors and nurses are a critical part of patient care, it is important to recognize the many other contributors. Everyone from board members to janitorial staff deserves to be celebrated.

What Is a Community Health Center?

Many people do not understand the purpose of a community health center. There are millions of Americans without health insurance. Many more have health insurance but struggle with affordability.

Besides cost and health insurance, there are other barriers that prevent people from receiving quality healthcare. Distance and language are two other common issues for patients.

Community health centers were launched in 1965 to break down these barriers. The idea was to build a health center within the community to serve all their medical needs.

Since then, more than 1,400 community health centers have been built across the United States. Many of these centers fall under the Compass Health Network in Missouri.

What Can You Do to Support Healthcare Workers?

Celebrating healthcare workers for one week is not enough. The best thing that you can do is help make their job easier.

Healthcare workers do not enjoy seeing their patients struggle with serious ailments. It is an incredible mental burden to see patients in pain or lose their lives. Instead, they would prefer to see you receive preventative care and proactively treat health issues before they escalate.

You can do this by scheduling a checkup at a community health center. Here, the medical staff will perform a comprehensive patient examination. They will review blood work and spot any potential issues that require further examination.

Donations are also welcome at community health centers. Your donations are invaluable for providing medical workers with the supplies they need on a daily basis.

Your Guide to National Health Center Week 2023

You now understand the importance of community health centers and the workers that keep them running. Go ahead and thank a medical worker today for all their hard work. These heroes deserve all the recognition as they uphold the community’s quality of life.

If you want to take action for National Health Center Week in 2023, contact us today to schedule your health checkup.