Compass Health Network


What help is available?

If you do not have health insurance or you need help paying for your health care, you may be eligible for coverage through Missouri’s Medicaid program, called MO HealthNet.  Compass Health Network has staff trained to help you apply for Medicaid.

Who is Eligible?

The rules around MO Healthnet have changed recently to include more people.  You may be eligible if you are a resident of Missouri, under the age of 65 and your incomes are below these amounts monthly:

Household Size: Monthly Income
1 $1,563
2 $2,106
3 $2,649
4 $3,192
5 $3,735
6 $4,277
Missouri still has Medicaid programs for children, those who are Aged, Blind and Disabled and pregnant women.  Compass Health enrollment staff can help with these programs too.

Need Assistance?

If you would like help with the Medicaid Enrollment process, fill out the following form and our Outreach Enrollment staff will help you apply for Medicaid and search for other insurance options. You may also call 660-839-6725 for assistance.

Medicaid Enrollment Contact Form

By submitting this form, I am authorizing an Outreach and Enrollment worker to contact me and discuss my eligibility for Medicaid coverage which may involve helping me complete a Medicaid application