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The Importance of Sports Safety and Preventing Injuries for Young Athletes

The benefits of youth sports are undeniable. A child that’s involved in playing sports is 92% less likely to do drugs and 80% less likely to get pregnant. They’re also 3 times more likely to graduate than non-athletes.

These advantages don’t discount the risks young athletes experience, though. Because sports are physical, the risk of injury is always there.

That’s one reason why injury prevention is key. It’s crucial that both adults and kids know the risks and rewards associated with sports. That way, they can make an informed choice on playing.

Below, we’ll go over basic sports injury prevention tips and how to cope with an injury if it does happen.

General Sports Safety Tips to Know

Sports safety for kids starts with coaching. The right coach is aware of potential risks and is honest about them right away.

Always ask your child’s coach about general safety tips specific to your child’s sport.

Recent reports show that sports injuries are on the rise. UCLA Health found an interesting connection that explains this trend — sports specialization.

There is a link between training volume, intensity, and injury risk. In recent years, more parents have pushed children towards intense, single-sport training. This can lead to repetitive micro-trauma and injury.

To combat this, make sure your child gets rest periods.

Injury Prevention Starts With Awareness and Vigilance

Once you’re aware of the risks of the sport your child wants to play, learn the right way to handle them. Your child’s coach should focus on first explaining the proper technique. This factor will prevent a huge amount of injuries.

Next, your coach should explain the proper conditioning that should take place. Conditioning prepares your child’s body for the sport and protects them from injury.

Finally, the coach should focus on ensuring any equipment is safe, too.

These three factors are the main culprits behind most injuries. If you and your child stay aware of them, then an injury is much less likely.

Coping With Sports Injuries

If your child gets injured, consider seeing a pediatric and family medicine specialist. The sooner you see a doctor, the better for your child.

Listen to your child’s doctor about how to cope with the injury. It’s likely they will need to take time off from their sport of choice. They may even miss some school depending on the extent of the injury.

Risk Versus Reward: Keeping Young Athletes Safe

Child safety when it comes to young athletes is a balancing act. Sports are inherently risky, so you’ll need to do your best to stay aware and vigilant.

Know the signs of injury to watch for, and know what to do if your child does experience a common sports injury.

One important aspect of keeping your child safe is maintaining regular pediatric care. If you don’t already have a regular doctor, then it might be good to establish care when your child joins a sport.

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