Compass Health Network



Compass Health Network is unveiling a new project: Crisis Stabilization Centers, which at Compass will be known as Crisis Access Point (CAP). Construction for these centers is already underway. In total, there will be fifteen locations across the state of Missouri opening tentatively in December of 2021 and into the beginning of 2022. The goal of the Crisis Stabilization Centers is to provide a safe and less costly alternative to divert individuals arrested, away from jail and emergency rooms and into treatment services. These services would allow for further observations, connecting the individual to ongoing care and avoid inpatient admission.

The Crisis Stabilization Centers will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in the rain or shine. There will be a No Wrong Door entry program that provides rapid access to triage, stabilization services, and linkage to appropriate community services for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Features of the centers include but are not limited to showers, meals, clothes, medications if needed, and comfortable recliners to sleep on.

No one will be turned away from the Crisis Stabilization Centers, but if other care is necessary, such as hospital care, the individual may be redirected. These centers can serve adults, 18 and over, who are underserved, underinsured and uninsured and dealing with a mental health or substance use crisis. At the end of everyone’s visit, they will be given a personalized discharge plan to continue the care outside the door. The Crisis Center will work in collaboration with the local social service providers to develop needed resources and enhance the existing system of care.


For more information about the development of the Crisis Stabilization Centers, please call Jamie Bartin at 888-237-4567. You can also visit our website