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Does Medicaid Cover Dental Care for Adults?

Medicaid is part of the safety net that protects America’s most vulnerable citizens. It provides health coverage for nearly 85 million eligible American adults and children.

There are many aspects of health care that are overlooked. Dental care is one of those areas, and neglecting it results in poor health outcomes.

The good news is that many states have adopted Medicaid expansion programs that include dental coverage for both children and adults.

Read on to answer the question: does Medicaid cover dental care for adults in Missouri? Explore topics such as why oral hygiene is important and using Medicaid to achieve a beautiful smile.

Why Is Dental Care Important?
Routinely going to the dentist is about more than fresh breath and white teeth. Instead, medical researchers understand that oral hygiene improves your overall health.

For starters, your dentist ensures that you do not have any signs of oral cancer. Many people are surprised to learn that there is a link between plaque and heart disease. Plaque serves as a host to harmful bacteria.

This bacteria can yield a fatal disease called bacterial endocarditis. Here, heart valves and the lining of the heart become enlarged. Bacteria found in plaque also contribute to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Did you know that dental patients with diabetes are at greater risk of oral health issues? Gum disease is a common outcome when your body can no longer adequately maintain blood sugar levels. This ultimately leads to bone and tooth loss.

There is also a link between oral health and osteoporosis. Dental patients with osteoporosis often experience bone loss in the jaw and gum disease. Without regular visits to the dentist, you are vulnerable to losing teeth.

Does Medicaid Cover Dental Care for Adults in Missouri?
Missouri’s Medicaid program does cover dental care for both children and adults. This means that you can go to a dental provider like Compass Health Network that accepts Medicaid.

This is exciting news and gives you access to preventative and restorative dental care. On the preventative side, you can get X-rays, fluoride treatments, and cleanings. As we mentioned earlier, removing plaque eliminates dangerous bacteria from moving to the heart and lungs.

Medicaid also covers restorative dental care. If you have a cavity, for example, you may need a filling or sealant.

In more extreme cases, the tooth is beyond saving. The dentist will recommend a tooth extraction. This procedure is also covered by Medicaid.

Crowns and bridges are required when a tooth is significantly damaged or lost. When many teeth fall out, dentures are a potential solution. Fortunately, Medicaid provides protection for all these dental procedures.

Your Guide to Medicaid Dental Coverage in Missouri
Frequently seeing a dentist is imperative to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Dental care for adults is now possible in Missouri and you can receive preventative or restorative care.

This means you can use Medicaid for your 6-month checkup or for getting a cavity filled. If you are still asking does Medicaid cover dental care for adults, contact us today to speak with a medical biller.