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Nurse Practitioner Week

Nurse practitioner is one of the fastest-growing career fields in the United States. More than 266,000 Americans qualify to serve as a nurse practitioner.

By 2032, this number will increase by a staggering 45%. This growth rate is much higher than the national average.

It comes as no surprise to see the growth in nurse practitioners. This position is critical to the nation’s healthcare system. Without them, life expectancy would certainly decline, and Americans would be sicker.

This week is one to celebrate nurse practitioners and their positive role in health care. Read on to learn all about National Nurse Practitioner Week. Explore topics such as the theme for Nurse Practitioner Week and what the position entails.

What Do Nurse Practitioners Do?

Before diving into NP week, it is important to understand what nurse practitioners do. Nurse practitioners fill the nation’s growing doctor shortage. By 2033, medical experts believe there will be a shortage of up to 139,000 physicians.

Nurse practitioners do many of the same things as primary care doctors. They evaluate patients and diagnose ailments.

Nurse practitioners order and perform diagnostic tests. They evaluate the results of those tests and prescribe medicine or treatments accordingly.

Also, nurse practitioners create patient care plans and follow up regularly to check the progress. They also take and review patient’s medical history to identify potential health risks.

What Is NP Week?

NP Week intends to raise awareness for this critical position. Additionally, organizers seek to remove barriers that prevent nurse practitioners from doing their job to the fullest.

There is still a stigma in the medical industry that only doctors can perform the tasks listed above. However, this thought process is inaccurate and does not reflect a nurse practitioner’s education and training.

By celebrating nurse practitioners, positive attention is brought to the career field. Organizers can instill confidence in nurse practitioners’ capability in patients and medical providers.

What Is the Theme for NP Week?

The theme for NP week is “Recognizing Heroes in Health Care.” To help recognize nurse practitioners, organizers received 46 proclamations from state governors and local elected officials.

Nurse practitioners see more than 1 billion patients per year. They were instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic as many medical offices and hospitals were overwhelmed with patients.

Nurse practitioners often work in urgent care and other family medicine centers. These facilities received thousands of COVID-19 patients in Missouri alone. Every day, nurse practitioners and other healthcare workers put their lives and long-term health on the line to visit with COVID-19 patients.

Your Guide to Celebrating Nurse Practitioner Week

You are now ready to do your part and spread the word about the incredible role that nurse practitioners play in the healthcare industry. 

Compass Health Network relies on nurse practitioners to treat Missouri’s citizens. If you want to help celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week, contact us today at Compass Health Network to see how you can get involved.